Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Blessed and then some.

I'm truly blessed with amaaaazing friends and family. At times I know I take them fore-granted because I'm literally alwaaays busy with all my church and school stuff, and I don't get a chance to talk to them as much as I would like, and I'm sure the feeling is the same vice versa. I feel like I've taken them even more fore-granted this past month because of my 'emo-ness', and it's obvious that I'm not myself right now, but I'm glad my friends and family always make that extra effort to always check up on me, and continuously do so, even when I don't let them. I love them, thanks for caring you guys <3

I'm slowly letting go and slowly coming into the realization that this whole 'being patient' process might take a while, and like I said, "I'm willing to wait" and I'm sticking to my word, I really thought this was gonna be an easy process, you know, wait a few days, and maybe a week or two at the longest...but people need time to heal, and I can't be as selfish as I would like to be, I'm being considerate to his feelings as he did with mine. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? But we'll see though, right? Only God knows what the future holds, but I'm praying for bigger and better thangs and to keep me strong no matter what happens...

So last night I was talking to Mhyrees; she just turned 21... She's ONLY a year younger than me, but when she was younger, I thought of her as just this little girl who was annoying, and when I would see her at school or even at church, I would just say HI to be nice, but other times I would just try and avoid her...HAHA Sorry Mhyrees! But I never thought she'd have so much significance in my life. The girl has most def. grown up. It still amazes me with the amount of maturity she has. Even though we're far away from each other, she is always in total 'Mama Mode' and always checking up on me, and is always willing to give me advice but its never too overwhelming and is always considerate of my feelings, especially when I'm hellaa emotional. Last night, it hit me, and she is FORREAAL my sister, we've always said we were adopted sisters, but she IS my sister =] Thaaanks for everything, MAH-RES =]

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domflowers said...

I like how your first paragraph was ONLY 4 sentences. ahahahaha. Anyways, no matter what ateh, you're extended family will always be here. I hope that you're feeling better, since you just blogged out your feelings. ahaha. love and misss you!