Monday, August 31, 2009

Lessons, decisions and then some

The past few worship services have really made me thankful for all the things God has given to me in my life, most especially my family, duties, and all the other wonderful things and people he's given me. Which makes me feel a bit bad about my decision to step down from being a KADIWA Officer next year. The only reason why I've decided to step down is because some people or person, I will not say which...think I'm trying to take over the organization...blah blah blah! Oh please, no thank you. I don't need the extra drama...I'm just here to help, most especially when a few our officers lag and don't contribute to anything, which is fine, that's life, and that's how people are, but its sucks when they're the ones who are talking all that mess. It gets hard though, you know? We're all human. Since the 1st week I've moved here, I've done nothing but put in that extra 2 cents, possibly more to help out in everything, and I DO see the progress, I just feel like once I leave, it won't continue with it's consistency, I'm afraid all of the hard work we've ALL done the past 2 years will slowly go back to how it was before. Not only am I, but so are 9 other officers, and we 14 officers. Its a bit scary, but I guess we'll never know what everyone else is capable of unless we let go, right? I mean I'M for sure not gonna be in Fresno forever, obviously. But we'll's only August, well...SEPTEMBER practically. I still have time to think about this decision.

Oh and this is RANDOM, but these SoCal fires are freaking me out. Is this a preview of what Judgment Day is gonna look like? Oh maaan...but anyway, BE SAFE everyone!

Annnd LASTYLY despite all my emo-ness this past month....I'm doing GREAAAT! Slowly but surely things are going back to normal, and my eyes are no longer puffy and disgusting at night, random have been filled with good conversations, and I've been sleeping better. But forreaaal God hellaaa listens, He KNOWS wuuussup! Let's just say that ;)

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