Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't forget about me...

Lemoore's 25th anniversary, June 13, 2009 = Gooood day, "Hey who's that dude in the blue?!", "Oh he's a cuuutie! Hollaaa", "Hey, ima hook you up with that foo hahah", Referee'ing, "sleeping", "Noooo, I didn't sneak out", Hanford, BBQ'ing, Cranium, Mafia in the dark, Spiders, "That kind of girl", Surprise IM's, Surprise Facebook messages, "With a brother from Long Beach ;)", Surprise phone calls, July 2nd, "Sweetie", "My dear", Meeting my mom, Lunch at BJ's, Forgetting to bring church clothes, Macy's, 80% off?!, "Go get those shoes!", .... ;), You had me at HELLO, Nightly convo's, The question's game, Nightly convo's, The question's game, WE don't break PROMISES, 4:30 am wake up calls, "Nightly convo tonight, okay?", Call me later?, Online shopping, "You can use my camera", 95th Anniversary Weekend, Mixer, McDonald's turned Jack in the Box run, "Ayyye, I'm gonna ask for directions", "Walk on the OTHER side of me", "Okay, FINE, give me your arm!", Kiss me through the Phone by Souljah Boy, "This is how we do in Long Beach", Staying out late at my hotel, BUT outside, SCAN's watching us!, Can you just stay a liiiittle bit longer?, "I'm sleeepy", Lee's Noodle's, Late night adventures, Bad at directions, "WE don't even live here!", Wasting gas in San Jose, nightly convo's, 5:30 am wake up calls, nightly convo's, Don't forget to call me in the morning, No need to rush into things, I like talking to you =], I don't mind the wait. <3

Miss you.
Don't forget me.

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