Thursday, August 13, 2009

Goodbye Summer...

This is the last week of so-called "freedom". School starts again on Monday and in a way I'm somewhat excited, now I have thaangs to do, "people" to see, and things to keep me preoccupied and not think about my current situation, annnd my late nights will consist of homework and readings...Oh joy.

Let's re-cap this summer shall we? Okay! I must admit, that this summer wasn't all that. A few highlights I must say were my summer "fling" and of course, the 95th Anniversary weekend. Both in which totally made Summer '09 a hellaaa memorable one. The summer fling I have to admit was amazing, I can finally say that I had one, and thank you Michael for being a part of it. Although I'm still hurting inside, I know that you're still worth the wait, and whatever happens in the future, I only hope for good things, whether or not it's with you or without you. The 95th was an amazing experience, and I'm glad I was able to witness it with my family, close friends and what was it? 17,000+ brethren. The lesson was amazing along with the GEMNET presentations, and the broadcasting of the 95th Anniversary Celebration in the Philippines and special message from Tatay Erdy. God's presence was among us at the HP Pavilion, and it was a great feeling to have felt it. It was definitely a weekend I wish I could relive over and over again... I can't wait for the 100th!

Until next summer =]

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