Wednesday, January 14, 2009

2008 & going onto 2009

HA! Well, uhhh HAPPY be-lated NEW YEAR world! I must say I procrastinated a bit with my whole 'year end' blog. I've been kinda busy and kinda MIA...Sooo This might be kinda lengthy, but here it goes...

2008 was an interesting year, sometimes I feel like 2008 was a little bland compared to the past few years, but then think about it again, it totally wasn't! A lot of good laughs, a few tears, a lot of arguments, a few weird, random, and awkward relationships, made a few new really good friends, and lost a few of the ones I thought were good, but of course a lot of good times with family and friends.

So let's see...This year I turned 21 (finally!) But it wasn't the '21' I thought it was going to be, I always imagined turning 21 was going to be the BEST thing that would ever happened to me, I always thought it was time to party hard and go out whenever I wanted; basically, have the time of my life and so on and so forth...Not that I'm disappointed or anything, but I realized that I'm not that kind of person anymore. I feel like I'm no longer need to go through that 'phase' in life again, not to say that I have a stick up my butt and can't have a good time, but I really don't need to party and be around large groups of people to have a good time....I have wonderfully amazing family & friends! I feel like I took them a little bit for granted last year, but I promise to make more time for ALL of them. Whenever I was down there’s always someone to bring a smile to my face, a hug when I really needed comforting, or even healing words to stop tears. Even the ones who live further away from me never cease to disappoint me, and even though sometimes our busy lives conflict us from spending time together or even just getting the chance to talk on the phone, I'm so thankful for them and the care, concern, and support they give to me and my family, and they never seem to stop giving and loving me....I had a lot of thinking to do as well, and this wasn't your everyday dilemma, it was one of those "This COULD literally CHANGE my LIFE" thangs, but I've done my thinking and have prayed and prayed and still continue to do so, but only half of my decision is up to me, the rest is up to God, and whatever path he has laid out for me I'll follow, 'nuff said. But this whole ordeal really made me more open minded and more appreciative and more thankful....Boys are totally retarded. They can't make up their minds, and always feel like there's someone else out there who's better. Even though I'm sure sometimes they don't mean to be retarded intentionally, but they are, and don't even realize it. I've been disappointed with a few of them in 2008, most especially the ones who I used to admire and have such high authority. But for them, I can only hope the best for them, and for them to learn their lesson, and just grow up although they had enough growing up to do, one day they'll learn, and hopefully they'll realize that hurting people's feelings and belittling people feelings is not nice…I feel like I really grew up more than I usually do in past years. I know, I know, I always say I ‘grew up’ in my past ‘year end’ blogs, but I feel like I’ve really come into my adulthood, and have accepted the fact that I’m a grown up. I’ve matured, and have learned to be more independent. I’ve really come into my own. I’ve tried not to make the same mistakes twice, and really try not be such a crowd pleaser (because I’m sooo totally over that!) I’ve gotten really picky about who I let into my life, although I’ve lost a few friends whom which I thought were going to be forever and ever in my life, it’s okay, it’s no big deal to me anymore, they obviously just didn’t make the cut. But I’m happy to say that the friends I have now are and will always stay in my life, because those were the ones who have literally stuck by me through thick and thin. Even those select new few, they’re blessings most definitely, and I truly believe that...My relationship with God has gotten a lot stronger and even more personal than ever. Although I always believed that He will give you anything and give you your certainty in life, I’m now an even huuuuge BELIEVER! Not to seem like I wasn’t that big of a believer before, but there have been plenty of things and plenty of times this past year that I’ve had questions about and have asked guidance for and just like that! … I’ve gotten nothing but blessings and answers. The power of prayer is truly the best way to go about things in life. He’ll never let you down.

…I feel 2009 will be a good year, more memories, hopefully mostly good and less bad. Maybe a few new friends, maybe even a relationship, as in FINALLY? Maybe someone will finaaally figure things out?! HAHA Hmm…We’ll see, we shall see indeed!