Thursday, November 26, 2009

Satisfied =]


I'll keep this short and sweet...
Thanks for EVERYthing looves; Daddy, Mama, Gelly, Samm, Family, friends, BFF's & my PK giiirls. Ya'll mean the world to me....straaaight up <3

Monday, November 9, 2009


Self explanatory, right? Too bad some people who SAY they do, DON'T.
I'll leave it at that.

Monday, November 2, 2009

RIP Daisy Huerto

I never thought I would even get attached to a family pet, and then we brought Daisy home. Even though she was the biggest diva and was a pain in the butt to try and potty train her, I loved her. I loved her since the first time I layed eyes on her, she was my baaabygiirl. She was always so loving and entertaining every moment we spent together. I'm going to miss how excited she would get with her favorite squeeky toy and how excited she would get when any of us would come back home from being out of the house for the whole day, and her sully tricks she learned on her own to get our attention....Me, Gelly & Sam loved her...Daddy couldn't stand her, but I know deep down inside he loved her just as much as we did. She was MY first real pet (we had Tigger, but she belonged to Sam) and she only lived to be 8 months old, she was still a baby =/

During the end of my emo summer Daisy was always there for me, she was the only one who saw me cry over Michael, and in the middle of the nights when I'd cry, I'd go outside to the hall and just hug her...and she'd hug me back, because she knew how sad I was =/ She would always accompany me whenever I'd pick up my brother from school, and would always be so excited to hop right into the car with me. She was my passenger at my loneliest and lowest times =/

I love you Daisy Huerto.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

"We've come a long way, huh?"

You know that feeling you have when you've like someone for so long, and then you finally let them go, and then suddenly BAM! They slowly come back into your life? That feeling makes me nervous and anxious and excited all at the time. I'm getting that 'butterflies in my stomach' feeling all over again. =] He's never let me down, and has always been there for me. And now...he's the one leaving me. I always thought it'd be the other way around. Our family would get the call, and I'd pack up and leave and he'd finally realize how much he'd miss me when I'm gone....I guess I just want more time, more time to spend together. And this time, I'm gonna tell him how I feel. No more holding my feelings back, no more second guessing this weird and beautiful friendship that we've developed. No more "WHAT IF'S"...

4 years of ups and downs...what more could I ask for, right?