Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Right from wrong?

Sometimes, I worry about the well being of some people, people who are in the Church and people who aren't in the church, mostly brethren who are in the church though. I understand it's only natural to have questions about our teachings and to question some things that you don't understand, in the end, once you get the RIGHT answer, the answer that comes from a Minister or the bible, if you don't have that mutual agreement inside of you, inside of your conscience, does that at all bother you? Does it make you question your own faith?

At times I wonder some people continue to going to worship services when all they do is question the lessons, the Administration, the Ministers, or when they just complain about "Why can't we do this...or that...or go clubbing, or drink...or live with our boyfriends or girlfriends?" ...Everything has a reason, every rule that was made has a reason behind it, you know? The Administration just doesn't make up these rules for us to follow, they have their reasons. I'm usually not one to judge a person's faith, who am I, you know? It just bothers me that there are some brethren like this, who go on everyday criticizing the things we have learned in the Worship Services and the things we've been learning since CWS...

And for you younger people out there, I get it...you want your chance to "taste" the world, you want to experience things...but isn't it just good enough to know that out of all the other people in this world, we'll be saved? I don't want to come off all 'Holy-Moly' and stuff...But I've learned my lessons, and have seen what consequences and the punishments that other people have gone though, and I would never want to go through that...

Be wise, it's a different time. That's all.

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