Thursday, September 10, 2009

Other Side by Melissa Polinar

life can be a winding road
you take a step bringing you closer
closer to what you don't
know exactly where it goes
what in the world is going on
so crazy
yet so amazing

how life can be so bittersweet
how the rains falls down
and the sun shines so brightly from heaven
from heaven

if we let them
day and night will pass right by
you gotta tell them slow down
so take the moment
to look all around you
see the sky
and what is on the other (side)

side by side in harmony
the voice of faith
tells us that answers and questions
are one in the same
different possibilities
who in the world we need to be
so crazy
yet so amazing

how love can be the one to say
when the tears fall down
and the smile shines so brightly
from heaven, from heaven

what's on the other side
is forever, and ever, and ever
here, time is so precious
so remember, remember, remember

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