Saturday, July 11, 2009


So basically I've decided to only use my blogger as a place to ramble and vent, and I guess today is just one of those days...

I find myself growing very tired of all this high school drama, especially when 1) I'm not in high school anymore 2) YOU DON'T KNOW ME 3) YOU DON'T KNOW what I'm capable of doing to you. 4)You're not in high school anymore, honaaay, grow up. I'm slowly cutting people out of my life, you know...the one's I reaaally can do without. Although everyone has made some kind of impact in my life good or bad, some people's services are no longer needed. HA! Please don't start with your Myspace and Facebook drama, please don't go on telling your Mommy's and Daddy's on, but if you do, I can deal, I'm an adult, I can hang...I hate how I've considered you family, and you're ignorance and antics have just gotten you no where with me, I've heard the things you have to say, and I see the fear you have in me, and I see you trying to bring me down, but it'll never work, I'm MOST DEFINITELY better than YOU and your FAMILY, sounds so harsh out loud, but it's true...I'M BETTER THAN YOU. But THAAANKS for making me stronger person.

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Anonymous said...

same. they need to change their name to ventspot. (: