Sunday, April 12, 2009


I feel like I really only seem to blog when things are really bothering me, or when I'm stressed, or 'depressed'...I guess those all really fall into the same category of things that bother me.

So, I don't really know how to word my thoughts right now, So I'll just ramble...

I don't really understand why people just can't be straight up with you, especially those people who say they are nothing but blunt and honest. For compassion? Maybe...
But I don't know, to me, that contradicts the whole being bluntly honest type ordeal. Not to say that I'm a cold hearted jerk (which I'm pretty sure I'm not), but I guess I'm different than others where I can choose my words carefully and know how to let people down easier than what other people can do. And I guess I'm feeling a bit hurt right now, because I DO have friends that are like this, and not just a regular friend, but like people I call CLOSE FRIENDS, even A BEST FRIEND, and they just can't be honest with me, you know? I feel like it's a slap in my face though, I feel like I should re-evaluate the people I keep in my life once again. It sucks you know?

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