Monday, October 5, 2009

"You're insecurities are for my mere entertainment"

I'm usually not the girl who's insecure or even gets insecure...but for some reason, when I saw her (not even knowing if it's really his ex), but this girl, she's gorgeous! Well, I think so at least. I know shouldn't even be thinking like this, nor should I even make myself feel like this but once I asked what her name was, Damn! It hit me, it hit me hard. He could possibly be back with her, she could still be in love with him, he could be trying to get her back...I mean what would I know, right? I've become those people I make fun of...the one's who I say, "Your insecurities are for my mere entertainment" WOW. I don't like this at all. This is why I DON'T like lurking into people's past relationships, this is why I don't ask about ex's...Was this some kind of sign? Me just raaaaandomly stumbling upon her picture, and me asking Mhyrees who that girl was?

I just want to forget about June 13th-August 4th...for now at least.

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