Saturday, October 18, 2008


I've yet to understand what goes through the minds of people, specifically young girls who feel the need to blurt out everything out to people who are not involved within that particular situation. I like to call it "Diarrhea of the Mouth". Yes, maybe they're looking for that sort of comfort and maybe they're looking for that certain advice, but then again, once you tell more and more people about the situation that equals to more mouths being able to spread some kind of different version of a story which leads to someone or someones being the 'bad guy'...And it makes me kinda sad, because this is how friendships have ended and best friends turn into 'best' enemies, but when things like this happen, you realize who yor real friends are and the one's who were just faking it to begin with. You realize that you big group of friends has narrowed down to a small handful, but isn't that all you need in life? Family, a few close and loyal friends, but most especially God, I mean...who else do you need?

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