Thursday, February 5, 2009


Why is that when a person, or let’s just say…people of ‘high authority’ talk all this pish-posh about being holy and sacrificing things for other things and to prioritize more Godly things before sometimes family, friends, and even relationships, their the first ones who CAN’T and just WON’T?! I mean really, enlighten me here, I guess I’m not quite understanding their motives…Just because you have a ‘high authority’ over other people make it okay for you to be hypocritical? Does it make it okay that when you do these things, you let people down, you let down people who look up to you, and those who always do nothing but praise the things you do. Does it makes it okay?

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Anonymous said...

haha, this reminds me of someone i know.*cooooouuuuuughhhhhhhh